Our fave wax warmers from Amazon

How to use scented wax melts with electric warmers? First, you'll need to snag a wax warmer, which you can easily score on Amazon. These warmers work by melting the wax and releasing the fragrance into the air, without the need for an actual flame. This means you can light up your room with your fave scent without worrying about setting off a fire alarm.

Using an electric wax warmer is super simple. First, take out the entire wax melt from the packaging. Then, break the wax melt into cubes. Just drop one or two cubes in the dish of the warmer, plug it in, and turn it on. Then, sit back and enjoy the wonderful aroma that'll fill your room in no time. Each cube can be used over & over again until the fragrance runs out! Based on normal use, each cube could last around 8-15 hours!

Now, let's talk about some of our fave electric wax warmers that you can snag on Amazon. First up is the Star Moon Wax Melt Warmer that's shaped like a cute whale! 

If you like pink, this ceramic electric burner will fit perfectly in your room. The bowl/plate is removeable for easy cleaning! Also available in a nude for a more neutral vibe:

Next, we have the Bobolyn fragrance warmer. This cute owl has a subtle glow that's perfect to double as a nightlight.

For a slimmer design, we love this blue & white ceramic warmer. It can also be used with essential oil drops, without the wax!

This is one of our faves because of the adorable flower pattern that gives a cool glowing pattern across your room. It also comes in butterflies, flowers, stars, and polka dots too: 

We love the lavender vibes of this one, but it also comes in white, pink, blue, terrazzo marble, and green. It's a sleek, simple design that'll fit with most decor: 

To sum it up, scented wax melts are a fantastic alternative to scented candles, and electric wax warmers make it even more fun to use them. So go ahead and add a bit of fragrance and style to your room with these amazing scented wax melt warmers!