meet  mochiglow

Have you ever smelled something that instantly transported you to a happy place? Or brought back fond memories like a nostalgic song? That’s the power of scent. But walking into the candle section, we only saw scents like apple pie or “oriental” spice. We wondered - why weren’t any Asian-inspired scents on these same shelves? This passion for representation inspired us to create Mochiglow, the first candle company inspired by Asian desserts! 

 Mochiglow is more than just a candle company. Our mission is to share the beauty of Asian flavors through the power of scent. We wanted to create something that captured the inviting atmosphere of Asian culture, where food and family were at the center of everything. Our candles are not just about the smell, they're also about the experience. They transport you back to a time when you felt safe, loved, or connected. We hope these nostalgic scents bring you joyful memories of your childhood!

fragrances you don't have to worry about

do you ever get headaches from smelling certain scents? us too. that's why we only use high quality fragrance oils that are phthalate-free

making pet-friendly candles has been a priority for us since day one. we take extra steps most candle companies don't think about - custom formulating our scents to make sure no harmful essential oils are included. we want your pets to feel safe too <3

ingredients you can trust

our candle wax is made from U.S. grown, non-GMO soybeans. our plant-based blend is vegan & never tested on animals. 

our braided cotton wicks are clean burning, so less soot gets on your walls or in your air! no lead & zinc cores, ever.

clogged wicks or smoky flames? not here! our full line is additive-free. that means no dyes, plastic glitter, or mica. when you use your candle, you burn just wax & fragrance.

art that makes you smile

candles aren't just for fragrance - it can also be art! what makes our labels different than your regular candle? all our hand drawn labels are designed with original characters! our brand isn't about showing off our logo in your home. we want the labels to bring you joy every time you look at it! 

 so when you support us, you're supporting the dreams of an artist too! 

packaging you can repurpose 

do you ever get packaging that was made just to be thrown out? we want to eliminate that waste!

your "thank you" cards can be repurposed as prints for a gallery wall, or made into bookmarks! 

your candle safety card is a sticker sheet printed with soy-based ink. so even if you don't use it to decorate, it's compostable!

the packing peanuts are made from cornstarch, so it's biodegradable & dissolves in just water. 

the packing tape is made from FSC certified paper, so you can recycle your shipping box without worrying about plastic!

you're part of our family

we make products with you in mind, not what's most profitable. that's why we get input from those who know the best - you! our products are created through valuable feedback & suggestions from our community. and when you talk to Mochiglow, you're speaking directly to one of us!

we're a family-owned, female-founded, AAPI small business.  all our products are hand poured in small batches & made with love in California!

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