How do I use my wax melts?

Welcome to the awesome world of scented wax melts! If you're someone who's into scented candles but want a safer alternative for your pets and/or kids, then you're in for a treat. Scented wax melts are about to level up your fragrance game.

Using wax melts is super simple! First, take out the entire wax melt from the packaging. Then, break the wax melt into cubes.

Just drop one or two cubes in the dish of your warmer.

How to use wax melts - break into a cube

Then, sit back and enjoy the wonderful aroma that'll fill your room in no time. Each cube can be used over & over again until the fragrance runs out. Based on normal use, each of our wax cubes could last around 8-15 hours!

There are 2 main styles of warmers to use: the electric warmer or a tealight warmer. The electric warmer is perfect for a completely flameless option, and is powered by the heat of bulbs inside the ceramic warmer. You can find them at Target or your local home goods store, but we've also made a list of our fave Amazon finds as well. They usually range from $8-15 and are easy to clean. 

The tealight warmer style uses a small unscented tealight to heat up the wax cubes. You put the tealight inside the warmer, so even though there is still a flame, it's a bit more hidden from your pets/kids. 

Once the fragrance has run out of your wax melt, you can let the wax cool and solidify. Then, pop it out of the dish and toss the wax out! You can use multiple cubes of wax at once, or combine cubes to mix your own scent. :)