Wax Melt - Strawberry

An uplifting scent of your favorite strawberry treats, with a creamy strawberry coating on a buttery cookie base. *FORMERLY STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE*

fragrance notes
sweet strawberry + vanilla cream + crunchy cookies

Customer Reviews

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Rachel Thach
Good smelling dorm

My roommates and I dorm on our college campus, so we aren’t allowed to burn candles and instead use a wax melter. We live nearby cows and it gets smelly fast, however, this scent is so delicious. Some sweet scents are very overpowering and they can get really old really quickly but this scent leaves me wanting for more. Every time I come back to the room and open the door, I just stand in the doorway for a hot second and just enjoy the scent. 100% would recommend


I loveeeeeee strawberry. I know a lot of people normally like strawberry shortcake or strawberry dessert type scents but they lean too sweet for me. I don’t have a sweet tooth but I LOVE fruity smells so it’s really hard to find fruit smells that are pure fruit without the extra sugar. THIS!!!!! Smells amazing, I want to bathe in it. If Mochiglow made lotions/body washes, Strawberry would be the smell where I’d buy the whole collection. Smells just like strawberry pocky, amazing! I will forever buy this when I run out.

Jasmine Loiza Torio
Amazing Scent!!

I absolutely love the strawberry scent!!! The fragrance of the strawberries reminds me of the strawberry pocky. I’m only on the first cube and yet the scent has lasted for about 3 days now.

Mariana G.
Absolutely amazing!!

I had been wanting to buy from here for so long and finally decided to do it, I was a little nervous at first because I love to smell anything scented before buying, but I was not disappointed in the slightest. All of the scents that I got were so nicely fragranced, they didn’t smell overbearing or “chemical” like, I absolutely love all of the scents I bought and I will be buying from here again!! ^_^


Smells amazing

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