Wax Melt - Banana Milk


Inspired by Korean banana milk, this wax melt is a nostalgic throwback to the sweet taste inside the cute little cartons!

fragrance notes
ripe banana + creamy milk

Customer Reviews

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Barbara Meier
For smelling only!

It smells so perfectly like banana milk it’s amazing. The packaging is also so adorable, I think I will be purchasing more melts & collecting the cute boxes too!

Avery Bohms
Wax melts!!!

I absolutely loved all of the fruity and sweet scents that I ordered. I like some of the others and have some occasions that I would use them om. And I also have some that I simply wouldn't use due to personal preference, but overall the quality of this order overrules the bad and I would love to order again once I've used up this haul!!!

Banana Laffy Taffy

This smells exactly like a banana laffy taffy! It’s so fragrant which is perfect for me especially since i have four cats and litter boxes. It’s not over powering but it definitely doesn’t go away anytime soon and gets rid of unpleasant odors ! 🍌

Alison Kim
Delicious and fragrant

The scent lasted for so long I was pleasantly surprised! Such a delicious fruity fragrance and smells just like banana milk. Definitely on my list of essentials now !

Amanda Baxley

I absolutely loved every scent! I always have trouble with candles or wax melt’s because they can give me a headache but these didn’t. The scents weren’t overwhelming but still smelled so good. I’m definitely ordering from here again.

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