Fantasy Candle - Elf Song Tavern


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Take a break from your adventures and rest your weary feet in the cozy Elf Song Tavern. 

The delicious scents are a tribute to the whimsical and melodic ambiance of this mystical establishment, infusing your space with the very spirit of elven merriment.

You'll be transported to the heart of the tavern, where the air is filled with the sweet serenade of elven minstrels, the warm laughter of patrons, and the tantalizing scent of hearty elven cuisine.

Fragrance Notes: freshly baked oatmeal crumble + pumpkin spiced breads + spiced brandy + rich mulled cider.

Burn time 40+ hours

Customer Reviews

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my apartment has ascended to levels of coziness i did not think possible

as soon as i saw the tiktok about this collab i HAD to run to the shop. i am a ferocious consumer of all things dnd while simultaneously being a scent goblin that loves fragrances and candles, and this was the perfect crossover as i’ve been a huge fan of mochiglow for a while.

right out of the package, i really appreciated the way the candle was packed in the (cardboard?) cylinder. i think i might repurpose it as a dice tray/holder!

onto the actual scent, finally lol i really love the sweetness that comes out initially. it really does have that cake-y note that smells cozy and delicious. then, i also get the strong notes of autumnal spices that i believe are from the mulled cider. i loveee this, it gives the cake note more depth. finally, it’s a little faint but i do catch a fruity scent (probably apple) that i think balances out the scent profile by brightening up the sugary sweetness. overall, i love this so much! definitely gonna try more of the fantasy candles. this is exactly what i’ve been wanting for my over the garden wall + fantasy inspired home!

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