Wax Melt - Matcha


Earthy matcha mixed with sweet rice flour and creamy vanilla. This candle will make your home smell lovely and calm, like drinking a matcha latte in a cozy cafe. The label features matcha dango froggies, which is inspired by the street treats of Japan!

fragrance notes
matcha green tea + sweet rice + creamy vanilla

Customer Reviews

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Andrea Alaniz

love the melt and is really good quality! i wouldn’t say it’s a strong matcha smell and is more on the light side but is really good!

Jolie Maher

Smells just like a matcha latte with a slight baked good sent. I wish I could eat it. Smell fills the room nicely too. 100% recommend!

Highly recommend!

I gifted my purchase to a friend because we both love cute aesthetics and I’m not surprised that she loved it c: The matcha wax melt smelled AMAZING. And I love that sample wax melts are available for purchase. I’m definitely buying more from this site next chance I get.

Nhien D.
Long lasting wax melts, did not smell like matcha

The wax melts last for a long time and the packaging are so cute. I leave the wax warmer most of the day and I'm still on the first wax melt. Quality is great but I do not like the scent. I personally do not think it smells like matcha... It smells more like notes of tiger balm/eagle oil.

matcha is always the way to go

i was so excited when i found out jenny was making a matcha scent! i bought it immediately and i have it melting right now and it is one of the best smells ever. it kind of reminds me of the white rabbit candy but the matcha version ofc! this smells delicious and as always 100% happy and impressed with my wax melts<3
Thank you Jenny and Jenny's Mom!

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