Wax Melt - Grape Ramune


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The wax melt inspired by grape ramune! With a sweet scent of juicy grapes and fizzy soda, this is sure to bring back nostalgic memories of marble-filled drinks! 

fragrance notes
sparkling citrus + bubbly soda + refreshing grape

PLEASE NOTE: The label has been upgraded to a bespoke box, featuring the same artwork. However, due to Jenny's errors with design, the word "grape" has been left off of the box. Notwithstanding, we guarantee this is a grape ramune scent.

Customer Reviews

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It smells amazing and is long lasting


I love the smell of fizzy soda

Ntxheeyees Yang
Smells sooo goood

Idk how she did it but it literally smells like ramune!! I love her scents

Smells just like grape candy

These wax melts have such a strong scent to them that it really doesnt take much to fill up a space. The grape ramune smells just like grape candy to me and it really is nostalgic. The scent may be a little sweet for me but nonetheless it smells exactly how its described and the quality is top tier. Jenny also included a handwritten note and a sample of Asian Bakery in my package after learning I wanted to purchase it but couldnt as it was sold out. Will continue to purchase from Mochiglow for their incredible quality and customer service!

Unimpressed and Felt Lied Too

So, first off the box I got looked different than the one pictured. I bought this product as I was interested in the grape part of it, but the box just said Ramune, and listed different scent profiles that weren't on the website. I reached out to customer service and was told they "forgot" to put grape on the box when updating it, and maybe that's true, and I'm sorry if it is, but I also really doesn't feel that way. Cold the wax melts smell like Ramune, and the scent profiles all match just Ramune.
Not to mention I reached out a few days ago and the site hasn't been updated in anyway to show this change labeling. It comes off as very misleading.
Lastly, I was told to burn the melt so I'd be able to smell the grape. I did, and admitedly I do like the scent but, I'm not sure if it's grape though. It comes off as a sweet ramune, and at first it's nice and strong... but only for a very short time. I burn wax melts all the time and most can last a solid 2-3 days. This one becomes very subtle after about an hour or two, and before the day ends the scent is gone. This was probably one of most expensive wax melts I've ever bought and it doesn't even last long.
I really wanted to like this product, but I'm really just not very impressed.

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