Sample Perfume

Did you know that perfume smells differently on everyone? Depending on how your skin chemistry reacts with fragrance notes, the scent of a perfume can change! We've launched these samples so you have a chance to test the perfume before committing to a full bottle. Place a few drops on your pulse points & wear it throughout the day to see how each scent blends with your skin.

2 ml of perfume in a glass vial with spray head

please note that the vial will not be filled all the way to the top, but it is 2 ml. We need to leave room in the bottle to prevent the bottle from bursting.

Ingredients: organic sugar cane alcohol denat., fragrance (parfum)

Our fragrance blends may contain a blend of aroma molecules, essential oils, naturals, synthetic compounds, absolutes, resins and co2 extracts 

    volume: 1 fl. oz (30 ml)
    length: 43 mm
    width: 22 mm
    height: 101 mm


    Why Eau de Parfum?

    Eau de Parfum, often abbreviated as EDP, is a type of fragrance that contains a higher concentration of fragrance oils compared to other types of perfumes. This higher concentration is what gives Eau de Parfum its long-lasting scent.

    At Mochiglow, we understand the importance of long-lasting scents. That's why our Eau de Parfum collection features carefully crafted fragrances with 15-20% fragrance oil concentration. Each scent is designed to envelop you in a captivating aroma that lingers for hours, creating a truly memorable olfactory experience.

    The answer lies in the science of fragrance composition. Fragrance oils are the essential components that create the unique scent of a perfume. The higher concentration of fragrance oils in Eau de Parfum allows for a more intense and long-lasting scent. When applied to the skin, the fragrance oils evaporate slowly, releasing the aromatic molecules into the air over an extended period of time. This gradual release ensures that the scent lingers on the skin and in the surrounding environment for hours.

    On average, Eau de Parfum can last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. However, the longevity of a fragrance can vary depending on factors such as the individual's body chemistry, the specific fragrance composition, and environmental conditions. Check out our tips for making your perfume fragrance last longer!


    Please note that perfumes & perfume samples are NOT eligible for returns.

    Q: "Why not?"

    A: For hygiene safety for you & our customers, we do not offer returns on opened or unopened perfumes. As cosmetic & beauty items are consumable items used on skin, by law, we can only sell items that are guaranteed to be safe & untampered with. 

    Q: "That's so unfair, Sephora/Ulta accepts returns!"

    A: Large retailers mass produce products. When you process a return on a used item, they immediately throw the item away. The items cannot be reused or resold. As a small business, we hand make every single thing in our store. We simply cannot compete with the volume these retailers make. We want to reduce waste & overconsumption, so please do not purchase from us if you're not comfortable with "blind buys." We have samples available for testing before you make a purchase.

    Q: "I didn't like the scent / it doesn't smell like the fragrance notes"

    A: It is incredibly difficult to make a scent that everyone will like, but we try our best to list every single fragrance note we add for transparency. BUT did you know that perfumes will smell different on every single person? Outside factors like your skin chemistry, body temperature, and even diet can alter the scent of fragrance molecules on your body. No two people will smell the same when wearing the same perfume. We recommend starting with perfume samples & testing it directly on your skin before making a final decision. Some bodies turn milk notes sour, vanilla notes like play-doh, or tea notes citrus-y. If you aren't familiar with how your body chemistry reacts to certain notes, always test with samples first (not just with us, but with fragrances in general).

    Q: "I opened my perfume the day it was delivered and I don't like it"

    A: Large perfume manufacturers add a ton of stabilizers and extra chemicals to perfumes so that the scent doesn't change. However, to keep our formula clean, we use only 2 ingredients in our perfume - fragrance & organic sugar cane alcohol. By the time you receive your perfume, it has just finished undergoing an adventure (through heat, cold, different road conditions). The perfume needs to rest before settling back to its normal state. The scent that you smell when the perfume arrives to you may be completely different to the scent it becomes after it has rested. You can absolutely test the scents the day they arrive, but PLEASE give it another chance before making your final decision. Rest your bottle in a cool, dry & dark place for ~2 weeks for best results. Then make sure to test on your SKIN for best results, not just smelling directly from the bottle.

    Q: "What can I do if I still don't like the scent?"

    A: First, if you don't like how the fragrance sits on your skin, you can spray the scent on your clothes or hair for a version of the scent that is unaltered by skin chemistry. Please spot test how your clothes / hair will react with the perfume formula. Otherwise, you can regift the perfumes to friends/family. You can also join fragrance buy/swap/sell groups on Facebook or destash on eBay, Mercari, Depop, etc. 

    Q: "Are there any exceptions to your return policy?"

    A: Returns / replacement will be only accepted for product received are damaged/ defective. You must send photos and/or videos documenting the damage within 3 days of receiving the package. We will only process returns/replacements for damages caused by our manufacturing process. For damages that occurred during shipping, you will need to submit a claim directly to USPS. 

    We will evaluate return requests on a case-by-case basis. If your request is approved, please note that shipping cost is non-refundable for returned, undelivered, unclaimed and packages that are refused. Any shipping cost you incur to return the product to us will not be refunded. Your original shipping cost will also not be refunded. 

    Q: "I have more questions or would like to read more details"

    A: Please reference our full refund policy for further details. You can email us at for additional help.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 56 reviews

    Good smell but didn't mix with me sadly but still recommend for others


    I liked the nice creamy sweet scent

    Smells nice

    I got the boba milk tea one and the jasmine green tea one and the boba one smells so good, smells like sweet brown sugar boba. I sprayed twice the night before and I woke up still smelling a little. I didn’t really like the green tea one it wasn’t to my taste but I’m glad I brought the sample before I brought the big bottle. I wanna buy more but almost all of the samples are out of stock😭😭😭


    This one is my personal favorite of the samples I purchased and I would definitely consider buying the full bottle in the future. It does have a slight powdery texture to it but I feel like that texture is nostalgic of the white rabbit rice paper. It’s a warm, sweet, and comforting scent that reminded me exactly of how the white rabbit candy tasted like to me as a kid. I was very impressed with how the scent of this nostalgic childhood candy was perfectly captured in a perfume.


    Love the sweet strawberry smell and everything came really quickly!

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