Wax Melt - Jasmine Tea


The perfect scent for a relaxing night - the floral scents of jasmine blossom intertwine with green tea leaves. A touch of wildflower honey gives this scent a gentle sweetness.

fragrance notes
jasmine blossoms + green tea + wildflower honey

Customer Reviews

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Khloe Terte
In love!!!!!

Discovered MochiGlow through Tiktok and have never tried using wax melts so I'm super happy to find a shop where they have great and familiar scents anda re also pet friendly! This is my second time ordering Jasmine Tea and it smells amazing. Looking forward to trying other scents though but this one so far is my favorite. <3 Thank you for your hard work!

Bab >.<

I LOVEDDD ITTTT! I love how it smells and this is definitely my favorite of my first order! It was easy to slip in and out of packaging and break off a cube! Will continue to support!
P.S thank tik tok for letting me know abt this!!!
P.S.S THAT PACKAGING WAS SO CUTE!!!! Prob got a couple noise complains from my neighbors because of my excited screams 😂😅😅
P.S.S.S thanks for the extra candy and sticker 😋😋

Niikky N.
Great scent

Definitely smelling the strong jasmine scent here but I really love it because it helps smasking my cooking scent throughout the apartment. I deducted one star because the actual wax melt package doesn't have a label, only the box does which I wish the package does too so I don't need to keep the box for info 😅

Uncle Iroh strikes again

I wish I gotten it with the original design but the scent is exactly like tea. It goes well with a great cup of tea. You won’t regret

Nhien D.
My favorite mochiglow scent

Wonderful jasmine scent and the packaging is so cute. I bought the sampler and ended up getting the full wax melt and perfume.

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