Wax Melt - Orange Roll Cake


This zesty wax melt smells like you're chomping into an orange roll cake, with hints of buttery chiffon cake, whipped cream, and fresh orange!

fragrance notes
sweet orange + fluffy cake
*PLEASE NOTE A YELLOW DISCOLORATION OF THE WAX - this is due to the vanilla content (all natural). There is no impact to the way the wax melt burns!*

Customer Reviews

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Just a perfect amount of sweet and fruity

Not as strong anymore?

I bought a few scents last year, one of which being the boba scent, and they were relatively strong— filled my whole apartment with the scent.

I bought 7 scents this time around and none of them are really strong. The scents smell great up close but once melted, they just aren’t very strong. I use them in my office at work now since they don’t work very well at my house and they’re fine enough, but even in that smaller space they don’t really fill the space anymore.

I love the unique scents, and they do smell great! The packaging is very cute, too. They just aren’t very strong.

Jennifer Guerrero
worth every penny

First of all the amount of care and detail in my package was so nice. I received the cutest sticker and card I can’t throw because it’s too cute so it’s become a piece of my room decor. Even down to the tape n a Candy. The products themselves are also incredible. SUCH a lovely scent the lychee and orange cake roll. There’s so much love in these products I COULDNT EVEN THROW THE BEAUTIFUL BOX THE MELTS CAME IN. Will forever reorder from here.

Corey S
Smells straight out of a bakery

Absolutely amazing wax melts. The orange roll cake melts smell delicious and the scent on them is strong, but not overpowering. These seriously smell like fresh orange cake and I will be getting this scent again. Although I might have to try the candle next time since they're all so cute. Can't wait to try my other scents!

Orange Roll Cake Wax Melt

I've yet to use them yet but they smell great and the packaging was wonderful! I'll be keeping an eye on this shop for future orders. Thank you Mochiglow!

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