Wax Melt - Cookies & Cream


A chocolate lover's dream - this combination of creamy milk & chocolate cookies is the perfect wax melt for lovers of ice cream!

fragrance notes
chocolate cookies + creamy milk
Includes label and *limited edition* box

Customer Reviews

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10/10 so delicious

Got a small sample and I am absolutely in love. I will definitely be buying a full sized package and perhaps a candle in this scent. It's not overwhelming, the cats don't seem to mind it, and it's far from being sickly sweet.

LaDonna Frederick

I got a sample of this just to check the scent. A lot of scents like this have a risk of smelling artificial, but not this! I'm in love!

If you love cookies and creme, you'll adore this scent. It's not too sweet, but sweet enough. I keep opening the package and smelling it over and over, I can't get over how close to the real thing it smells.

The only reason I'm not burning it is because I'm trying to preserve it until I get the bigger package.

Trust me. I'm picky about scents, and I buy a TON of wax melts. This is game changing.

Skye hedin
Love it

It smells soooooo good I will be buy more!!!

Angela S
Sweet and Creamy!

First time purchasing from this company and beyond happy I did! Really love this scent! I've had a hard time finding scents that I love as I like sweet and sometimes sweet can be interpreted as straight sugar that's sharp. But this! Oh this is beyond what I thought I could find as it's truly creamy. This scent really hits it out of the park for me! It's a rich creamy milk with nodes of chocolate. I'll admit, I'm in love. I'll definitely be back to purchase more! I'll add that the packaging is super cute and shipping was fast.

Smells Amazing!

This smells so good and the packaging is adorable. I have this melting in my office and I love it. It smells exactly like ice cream or even the Hershey's cookies and cream bar.

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