Wax Melt - Thai Tea

An aromatic wax melt that smells just like thai tea macarons! A creamy blend of black tea, condensed milk, cinnamon, star anise, and cardamom. Featuring little macaron foxes on the label!

fragrance notes
spiced tea + condensed milk

Customer Reviews

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Bao-An Nguyen

The scents were a lot different than expected.
I liked the mango sticky rice, but it smells similar to slime in a way. The thai tea was too fall like and less of a tea scent than it should be. Thank you!

Roma Murphy
so excited!!

since my package came i've only tried thai tea macaron but it was SO GOOD i can't wait for the others!! such a strong, clear scent that disperses so well around my apartment. so lovely.

Delicious scent!

Thai tea is one of my favorite drinks of all time and this captures it so well and filled my room with a warm yummy scent! Long lasting and amazing product.

Emma Hefley
Love the scent but didn’t last long

I got multiple different scents and this one smelled amazing. The only problem was that the scent only lasted a couple hours. I used one block at first then two. Nothing worked they lost there smell shortly after they melted.

Alexia Frankopoulos
Best wax melts!!!!

Smells exactly as described and leaves a room smelling warm and spicy. Smells like the spice of a Thai tea and the sweetness of a macaron pastry. I have a very large room and the scent immediately filled the whole room and I only used one cube! 10/10 would 100% recommend if you are looking for a nice warm fragrance.

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