Mystery Oopsie - 2.7 oz wax melt (final sale, no returns, with blemishes/issues/errors etc)

$4.50 $9

Sometimes we make mistakes during our candlemaking process, but instead of letting them go to waste, we're offering a huge discount on these "oopsie" wax melts!

Some issues include, but are not limited to: cracked wax, frosted wax, blemished labels, dents or cracked plastic shells. These old styles do not come with boxes. These errors don't affect the burn of the wax melt at all, only the aesthetics! But it's great if you want to try a scent for cheaper, or to keep a wax melt yourself instead of gifting. 

Please note that we will try our best to choose scents that don't overlap, but stock may vary. You can leave a note if you have certain scents you like (fruity, sweet, etc) but no guarantees on the choice - it's a mystery! We also do not accept any returns on mystery oopsies, so please come into it with an open mind (and nose)! 

Limited quantities available at a time, depending on how many mistakes we make :'D


  • Please note that these are FINAL SALE and cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • We will do our best to choose different scents for you, but please note that selection depends on availability. 
  • Available while supplies last.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I’ve been seeing this small business on tiktok for a while now, I finally caved and decided to purchase a few different things. I bought 5 of these oopsies and I’m in love!!! Def will be purchasing again!!

Gabby Hamilton
Best deal!

Absolutely in love with my order! I got 4 mystery scents with minor damage for half the price. The scents are absolutely amazing as well!

Sooo cute and smells great!

Although I would have been happy with any of them, I’m so glad that this is the one I got! My room smells like a boba shop now and it makes the place feel very cozy🩷 I also can’t wait to use this in my dorm in 6 days!!!


I ordered 5 of them and did not ask for anything in particular. The ones I received are: Yuzu, Thai tea macaron, Mango sticky rice, Banana milk, and Orange roll cake. They all smell super yummy and I liked how they were all color coordinated with eachother ☺️ Cant wait to use them all :)

Super worth and they smell so good!

I asked for tea/herbal scents in the notes box when ordering and got Jasmine Green Tea, Matcha, & Pandan Coconut.

Blemishes on my wax melts are clamshell imperfections, some dust/lint behind the sticker, and a little bit of wax chipping (too much wax poured into the container maybe?).

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